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Recommend Niche Site Bootcamp through your website, email list, social networks, blogs, articles, and banners. Earn up to $80USD for a single sale!

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Affiliate Program FAQ

How do I join the Niche Site Bootcamp Affiliate Program?

Just complete this simple form:

Our Admins will review your application within 24 working hours, often sooner.

How does the Niche Site Bootcamp Affiliate Program work?

After signing up, you’ll be provided with text links, banner ads, and other marketing materials you can use to promote Niche Site Bootcamp. When someone clicks on your link or banner, a cookie is set to remember that you referred that customer. If they purchase a product within 30 days you’ll earn a commission for that referral.

Does it cost anything to become an Affiliate?

No, it is free to join our affiliate program, and there is no minimum sales level or other requirements.

Can I refer myself?

No. If you join our affiliate program and use the affiliate link to buy for your own personal gain, you will not receive a commission.

I’m outside the USA, can I still join your program?

Yes, you can sign up for our program from most countries.

How often will I get paid?

We pay all affiliates on the 1st of every month via Pay Pal, for sales that occurred the month prior to that just completed. For example, if you have someone sign up in January, you will be paid on the 1st of March.

How do I contact Niche Site Bootcamp if I have questions about the Affiliate Program?

Here you can find more info about our affiliate program. Still can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Contact us directly via email

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